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Leadership Programs

Developing your leaders with our practical programs and proven process.

How Our Services Can Help You

For almost two decades, we have witnessed thousands of leaders move from being stressed and ill-prepared to productive and focused on the right things.

Why are so many leaders struggling? We’ve learned that in every industry, across the globe, there are three key reasons:

Promotion With Education

Promotion without education.
People who are strong individual contributors are promoted into leadership positions without any training or support.

Lack Of Self-Awareness

Lack of self-awareness.
Many leaders are not conscious of their behaviour and how it impacts the people around them.

Minimal Strategic Insight

Minimal strategic insight.
Leaders are required to be strategic but have never been taught how to do so.

Despite putting excellent people in leadership positions, disengagement and poor results are common place because leaders don’t have the tools they need to be successful.

There is another way…
Provide your leaders with the education and tools they need to thrive.

Using these tools, your leaders will learn how to coach and motivate their teams. They will have the confidence to give feedback and manage performance issues. They will be more focused on their priorities and know how to delegate effectively.

Our Core Programs

Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership Program

Accelerate the development of your leaders…giving them skills to build stronger teams and get better results.

Most leaders have a lot on their plate. Not only are they expected to meet their personal objectives, but they are also required to coach, develop and inspire their direct reports. All of this is happening against the backdrop of our fast-paced, globalized, digitized world. It’s easy to see why so many leaders are struggling to be effective at work.

What if leaders knew exactly what it takes to lead in today’s fast paced world?

Our Mastering Leadership Program is a practical, engaging and interactive program that is designed to develop self-aware, team focused and strategic leaders. We know that leadership is a journey. We know that boot-camps overload people with too much information. So, this program includes eight, three-hour modules that are delivered over time. Each module focuses on one key aspect of leadership for example coaching, developing your people, building a high performing team, leading change and executing strategically. Participants apply their learning on the job through customized “field assignments” to ensure the learning really sticks.

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Mastering Leadership
Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery Program:
Develop the Leader Within

Develop a culture where everyone acts like a leader… regardless of their title or role.

The majority of the time people’s intentions are in the right place. They are doing their best to be good corporate citizens. However, lack of self-awareness can cause problems or limit a person’s success. Sometimes people are not as resourceful as they need to be. Other times they just don’t know what it means to be results-driven.

What if every person in your organization was self-aware and demonstrated leadership in all they do?

This practical, interactive 3-module program is designed for people of all levels in your organization. The program develops three key factors of leadership: authenticity, emotional intelligence and accountability. Through an individualized action plan, participants will develop a strong leadership presence, high-trust relationships and a results-driven approach to their work.

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Personal Mastery
Leadership Coaching

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Address individual goals and challenges…and achieve rapid, focused results.

Most leaders want to have a bigger impact on their team and their business. Yet this can be a challenging goal in a world where leaders are promoted quickly, often without the right development. Sometimes a person’s job changes and the requirements are more demanding and complex. Regardless of the situation, we don’t believe that leaders should struggle on their own. They need support. They need tools.

What if leaders had targeted, one-on-one support to achieve their own leadership goals?

Our one-on-one coaching is designed to adapt to the needs of each individual leader. Whether they are recently promoted, have inherited additional responsibilities or have other challenges, we will help them to achieve their desired outcomes. Each leader will receive a personalized action plan that will integrate assessment data and their personal goals. They will work with a certified coach who will ensure their plan moves forward swiftly.

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Leadership Coaching

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