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We develop leaders who inspire great results.

Providing you with the process and tools to ensure your people thrive.

Mastering Leadership


Accelerate the development of your leaders…giving them skills to build stronger teams and get better results.

Personal Mastery


Develop a culture where everyone acts like a leader…regardless of their title or role.

Leadership Coaching


Address individual goals and challenges …and achieve rapid, focused results.

There is a science to successfully developing leaders.

We've got the proven formula.

We know that people don’t become leaders in a day. So, our comprehensive programs leverage seven core principles to ensure that our clients get the results they need to create confident, capable leaders throughout their organization.


Our programs ensure that your leaders learn faster and more efficiently than they would on their own. There is no need for them to struggle on their own, waste time searching for resources or wait to learn by trial and error over five to ten years. We have done the work for them. We provide leaders with all the tools they need to be confident and successful…faster!


Leadership is a journey. We do not believe in “boot camps” that overload people with too much information at once. Our modules are delivered over time so that leaders can learn the concepts and tools in bite sized pieces.


We don’t do boring. We understand that interactive learning is more fun and effective. Our programs include case studies, videos, peer coaching, practice, discussions and personal reflection.

Review and

Our programs are built to provide continuous content review. Each module begins with a content review of the past session. Plus, participants receive a review video sent in between each module.


Personalized “field assignments” (homework) are expected to be applied on-the-job in between each module. This ensures that participants practice what they learn. It also gives them a chance to discuss what worked, what didn’t work and how they can improve next time.


We understand that your organization is unique. We will work with your key stakeholders to customize our programs so that they are relevant to your industry and culture.

Post Training

We have a member portal for all our program graduates to ensure that the learning continues post training.

Start a conversation.

Some of our Clients

We have had the pleasure of partnering with many outstanding clients over the years.

Caat Pension Plan
Klick Health
City Of Oakville
OP Trust
Ovarian Cancer Canada
Sick Kids
University Of Toronto
Vision Critical
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Strengthen your Leadership Skills

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Mastering Leadership Book

Mastering Leadership Book

Learn what it takes to lead in today’s fast paced world!

If you are like most leaders out there, you are likely facing constant change, a heavy workload, high expectations to deliver results and the expectation to coach and develop your team.

In Vanessa Judelman’s book, Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World, she will provide you with the strategies you need to become an extraordinary leader, even under these conditions.

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Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa Judelman,

Sought-after author, coach and facilitator Vanessa Judelman has helped thousands of people to become more self-aware, confident leaders.

Vanessa is the author of the book Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World. She is noted as an expert in her industry and has been published and quoted in The Globe and Mail, the National Post and is a contributor to CKNW Radio.

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Vanessa Judelman

What Clients Are Saying

“One of Vanessa’s strengths is that she has a common sense, practical approach to leadership. She provides advice and coaching that gives people everyday use of the skills that they need to be successful in their organization. ”

Jodi Liberman, Chief Human Resource Officer at Capreit

“What I love about working with Vanessa is that she takes leadership and she makes it practical, she makes it digestible and she makes it human.”

Denise Roberts, Senior Learning and Development Partner at Star Media Group


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Strengthen your Leadership Skills

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