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Hear From Our Clients

"Vanessa really takes the time up front to understand the organization, our culture and subculture across the different regions and offices, and also our people. Really, I see her as an extension of the organization."

Krisinda Westman, Director, Human Resources, Vision Critical

“One of Vanessa’s strengths is that she has a common sense, practical approach to leadership. She provides advice and coaching that gives people everyday use of the skills that they need to be successful in their organization.”

Jodi Lieberman, Chief Human Resource Officer at Capreit

"What I really love about working with Vanessa is she takes leadership and she makes it practical, she makes It digestible, and she makes It human."

Denise Roberts, Senior Learning and Development Partner at Star Media Group

Vanessa is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She provides tools and advice that result in you and your team feeling accomplished. But what sets her apart, is her personality and approach – she is extremely personable, she is intuitive, and she is a good listener. Vanessa can help develop your leadership skills by providing you with practical tools and developing your emotional and social intelligence.

I wanted to thank Vanessa for the great tips I garnered from her Mastering Leadership workshops.

They have helped me understand my leadership style and provided a strong framework from which to assess and develop my team going forward. I enjoyed the workshops and group sessions tremendously!

Mastering Leadership is not just training – it’s a mindset. The course helped me identify my areas of weakness and gave me the tools to grow. Vanessa is one of the most self-aware, authentic, and charismatic people I’ve met. She’s one of those people that builds rapport in a matter of minutes simply by being confident and genuine. Anyone who works with Vanessa will find themselves with an invaluable set of skills, and also an invaluable friend.

Vanessa’s lessons and techniques unite cross-functional leaders and teams and are practical and universally applicable. Her real superpower is her ability to teach others to see and achieve better outcomes, both personally and professionally, through emotionally intelligent critical thinking and effective communication.

The Mastering Leadership Program has taught me how to manage by method.

I now have the tools to manage change and my team dynamics. I have a much clearer sense of my priorities and feel so much more confident as a leader.

This program was one of the most informative and productive programs that I have attended.

The experience I have gained has been integral in helping with change management, conflict management, and listening skills in my current role.

I recently completed the people leadership program with Vanessa Judelman. I learnt how to deeply improve my management skills, to be the most effective manager by catering my management style to the individual personality type while channeling a growth mindset.

The coaching, situational leadership, difficult conversations modules were incredibly useful. I definitely recommend this program for all people managers at any level.

Vanessa ran one of the best online and in-person training I’ve ever done in my career. The focus on discussion and dialogue allows me to learn through scenarios and real-time situations. The conversations were deep and allowed me to apply concepts directly to situations on my team. Vanessa is a enthusiastic facilitator and coach who probs and challenges everyone to look at situations differently and approach leadership with empathy and humility. I enjoyed every class and conversations throughout the whole course.

I’ve gone through a couple of leadership training programs in the past, and they were never really that helpful. Needless to say, I was skeptical! However, the Mosaic course and Vanessa’s coaching were EXCELLENT! The information was easily relatable, and Vanessa’s insightful and personal approach to working with us made it so simple to apply the new techniques within our own teams. I’m very happy to have taken this course, and have asked for this to be offered to even more people in our company!

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