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What to do with a drama queen?

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Welcome to the Mosaic Minute.
In each video, I’ll answer one leadership question in about one minute.

Today’s question: As a leader, I want to be supportive but I hate wasting time listening to a drama queen or king! What should I do?

I am a firm believer that drama is meant for the stage and not the office! However, the reality is that people at work waste lots of time in “drama” or unproductive behavior. Can you manage this behaviour effectively and still be supportive? Absolutely! I’ll share my favorite drama-busting strategy in this video.

What can you do to run a more productive team and minimize the drama at work?  What do you need to do to shift the mindset of your drama queen or king so they can bring their most evolved self to work?

Do you have a burning leadership question?

Email it to me at and I will confidentially address it in a future Mosaic Minute episode.

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