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How to be anti-racist

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Are you actively anti-racist?

Have you heard of kitchen table racism?  

Would you know how to respond to someone who said or did something racist?

On Friday June 26, in my conversation with Executive Audrey Forbes and her daughter Kourtnie, we discussed all these questions and much more.

Hundreds of people joined us…and a HUGE thank you if you were one of them.

If not, please take time  to watch this one-hour conversation now posted on Youtube.

Audrey and Kourtnie spoke with elequence, passion and vulnerability. Their personal stories of racism that they have experienced may shock you!

Yet, to quote Audrey, “It’s not about anger. It’s about reconciliation and healing.”

I feel transformed and inspired as a result of this conversation.

I hope you will too.

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