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Why “speaking up” matters

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Being a leader means that you stand up for what you believe is right.

It means that you speak up when:

  • Someone says or does something that is hurtful or offensive
  • Someone on your team needs your support
  • You have something important to say in a meeting
  • You have something kind, helpful or comforting to say
  • You have a platform to influence others in the right direction

I don’t care if you are introverted or extroverted…shy or outgoing…junior or senior…

There are no excuses these days to say silent or feel like your opinion doesn’t matter.

Your opinion matters!

I want you to speak up more!

The world needs leadership right now.

What are you passionate about? What is happening in your workplace right now that goes against your values or that could improve with your intelligence, strategic insight or big heart!

Speak up!

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