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How to be innovative…even during a global pandemic!

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Are you feeling overwhelmed because everything is just so different and uncertain lately?

Or are you starting to settle into a bit of a routine in this crazy “new normal”?

Regardless, there are likely so many things that you have had to pivot these days like…
…how you work and accomplish your goals
…how you run team meetings
…how you keep your team motivated

There is one leadership skill that we can all use to pivot right now…that is innovation!

So, in today’s, I’ll share three practical strategies that you can implement to create an environment that inspires innovation and reinvention.

Can you apply all three strategies virtually? Yup!
Are they all relevant even during a global pandemic! You bet!

Take a listen.
Which of the three strategies resonates most for you?

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