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How to support your leaders

I am sure you know that educated, self-aware leaders have happier teams who achieve better results.

Yet, the problem is that most leaders receive their promotions without any training or development.

Sadly, this is normal.

This explains why there is an epidemic of leaders who do not feel successful or confident in their roles.

I recently wrapped up a six-month training program with a group of leaders.

Each one of them was intelligent, strategic and hard-working.

Yet, each one of them lacked confidence in at least one area of their leadership practice.

  • One person felt like she could never get organized and keep up with her to-do list.
  • Another person struggled to manage the diverse needs of his team.
  • Someone else was dealing with an executive team that implemented too many changes, and she was suffering from change fatigue.
  • And the list goes on.

Leadership is complex. It can be demanding.

But if you have the skills and tools needed to do the job effectively, your confidence will increase dramatically.

At the end of this program, it was so rewarding to hear that each of these leaders felt prepared for any leadership challenge and, most importantly, felt confident that they were leading “the right way.”

If you struggle with any aspect of your leadership practice, I want you to know this is normal.

However, you have the power to make some changes

Take the initiative to learn to lead.

After developing leaders for over twenty years, I have seen remarkable transformations when both knowledge and action are combined.

What do you need to do to feel well-equipped and confident as a leader this year?

Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa Judelman is an author, coach, and sought-after leadership expert. Over the past 20 years, she has created a proven formula to develop results-oriented leaders who feel empowered and confident in their job. Vanessa is the author of Mastering Leadership: What It Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast-Paced World. Order your copy here.

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