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The truth about firing people!

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Welcome to the Mosaic Minute.
In each video, I’ll answer one leadership question in about one minute.

Today’s question: I feel so bad when I have to fire anyone. Can I still be a compassionate leader and let someone go?

Yes you can. In fact, in some ways you are being more compassionate when firing a person who is not a good fit for your team or the organization.

Do you need to let someone go? Are you avoiding this task because you feel bad for them? While it’s normal to feel this way, you likely know what you need to do.
How can you shift your mindset to fire this person with compassion?

Do you have a burning leadership question?
Email it to me at and I will confidentially address it in a future Mosaic Minute episode.

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