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How to delegate properly

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Let’s talk about delegation…one of the biggest challenges that leaders have at all levels of an organization.
So many leaders have said to me, “But Vanessa, if I do it myself, it will just get done right.

Sound familiar?

Here is the problem.

You are likely doing some tasks that you should not be doing.
Hence, you are doing someone else’s job.

Chances are that you are extremely busy and don’t have time to do someone else’s job.

Doing these tasks means that you aren’t doing the strategic work that you should be focusing your time on completing.

Plus, if you don’t delegate, your team will never learn, grow and develop.

So, in summary, delegation is important for you to master because:

  • It frees up time for you to concentrate on your important/strategic tasks  
  • It develops your people

Okay…so now have I built the business case for you to start delegating? 

Ready to focus on delegating and doing it properly?

Here are three tips to delegating properly:

  1. Take the time to teach and explain: Don’t delegate on the fly. If someone has never done a task before, take the time to provide them with examples and teach them how to do it properly from day one.
  2. Follow up: Once the task has been delegated, have regular check-in meetings and follow up meetings to ensure the task is being done correctly and to provide suggestions or corrections. 
  3. Communicate openly: Stay in regular contact with the individual to make sure there are no surprises, they are meeting your expectations and the timelines are on track. 

Watch this above video for some additional delegation strategies. 

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