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How to give feedback the right way

Vanessa Judelman

President, Mosaic People Development

Today we are going to address an important topic… giving feedback.

Let’s also talk about avoiding feedback.

Have you ever avoided feedback by using one of these excuses?

  • I don’t want to hurt their feelings
  • They may not like me if I give the feedback
  • I don’t want this to become a personal battle
  • I’m scared
  • What if they freak out?
  • What if they cry?
  • I don’t know how to give the feedback properly or say it correctly
  • I feel uncomfortable
  • The issue will go away on its own

And believe me the list can go on and on!!! I’ve heard every excuse imaginable.

Today is the day to shift your mindset. No more excuses please.


Well if you avoid giving feedback, your team member’s behaviour will never change and they will never learn, grow or develop!

Instead of avoiding feedback, you can tell yourself:

“It’s my job as a leader to give feedback so that I can help my team member to grow and develop. Without me, they will never learn and improve.”

How is that for a perspective shift!?!?

They key when giving feedback is to be objective and not judgemental.

Focus on their behaviour specifically.

Be clear.

Be concise.

Give the feedback right away.

Find out more specifically how you can give objective feedback in the above video.

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