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How to feel less drained

 A lot of my clients tell me that they are feeling exhausted.

We are halfway through the year, so it’s a good time to take stock.

How are you feeling?

If you are feeling drained, you are certainly not alone.

Recently, on his podcast called On Purpose, Jay Shetty shared the following statistics:

  • 48% of 18-29 year-olds are feeling drainedhow to refuel yourself as a busy leader
  • 40% of people 30 years and up are feeling drained
  • 46% of women report high levels of burnout, as do 37% of men

These numbers are staggering.

This story is about leadership.

So, what can you do to start feeling better?

It’s not about making massive changes in your life.

I believe that if you can make incremental changes, it will make a huge difference to your well-being.

So, here is a three-step process to help you feel less drained.

  1. Refuel your brain. This requires rest. You need lots of guilt-free, work-free, unapologetic rest! This includes taking several vacations every year. This summer, I am taking two vacations: a staycation in July and a road trip to Rhode Island in August.
  2. Name it. It is important to admit to yourself that you are exhausted. Did you know that your brain is a muscle? Just like any other muscle, it gets tired. You don’t need to be positive all the time. When you are exhausted, admit it to yourself.
  3. Take action. Don’t stay in that place of dragging your exhausted butt to work every day. Take action. Go to bed earlier. Cancel your plans on the weekend and rest. Take Fridays off in the summer to give yourself an extra day to recuperate from your busy schedule. Get in the fresh air and move…run, walk, swim, get in nature, breathe the fresh air, get some vitamin D on your skin, and sit by the water or at the base of a tree. Breath!


Please remember that the discomfort you are currently feeling is temporary. You can refuel your brain by resting and taking care of yourself.

There is nothing wrong with any of us for feeling so tired.

It’s a normal reaction to our hectic, fast-paced lives.

Shall we make refueling our #1 priority over the next few months?

It’s certainly top of my list!

Happy summer, everyone!

I’m off to sit by a tree.

Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa Judelman is an author, coach, and sought-after leadership expert. Over the past 20 years, she has created a proven formula to develop results-oriented leaders who feel empowered and confident in their job. Vanessa is the author of Mastering Leadership: What It Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast-Paced World. Order your copy here.

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