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How to be solution focused

Wait until you hear this gem…

I love it when my clients teach me “gems”.

These “gems” are leadership strategies or best practices that I have not heard of or used in the past.

I always write them down to share with you! This week’s gem is a one-liner that resonates so much with me.

In a leadership session I facilitated last week, we discussed time wasters. The group identified being interrupted by other people as their top time waster.

Commonly, they are interrupted by people who are unwilling to think for themselves and solve their own problems. 

One participant said she has the best solution for this type of interruption.

The phrase she uses with her team is:

Come with a solution. If there is no solution, there is no problem.

I literally stood up and gave this person a standing ovation when I heard this expression!

Here are the reasons why I love this gem so much:

  1. It takes the pressure off busy leaders to be solving other people’s problems all of the time
  2. It empowers other people to learn, grow and think for themselves
  3. It supports a culture of creativity
  4. It is a great starting point for a coaching conversation
  5. It removes complaining from the equation

What do you think? Isn’t that a brilliant gem?

Take a minute to share this philosophy with your team.

I think you’ll be surprised to hear all of the innovative solutions they will share with you!

Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa Judelman is an author, coach, and sought-after leadership expert. Over the past 20 years, she has created a proven formula to develop results-oriented leaders who feel empowered and confident in their job. Vanessa is the author of Mastering Leadership: What It Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast-Paced World. Order your copy here.

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